Anne et Valentin is truly a collection born out of love of two very creative individuals who first simply opened an optical shop with a unique approach to fitting the perfect eyewear to each customer. From day one, rather than trying to adapt the customer to a frame, Anne and Valentin opt for a deeper comprehension of who their customers are - how they move, live and think -in order to find, for each, the perfect frame, dedicated to the customer’s unique personality and particularities.

Simply because they could not find enough creative and interesting choices in eyewear to buy for their shop, they bravely decided to design creations that delivered their vision for each customer. Thus in 1984 the amazingly creative and unique line was introduced from their partnership: Anne et Valentin. And while their creations are original, colorful and lively, they are, above all, objects that combine ergonomics, technical requirements, and respect for those who wear them. Handmade and created from highly diverse and colorful materials, Anne et Valentin frames allow our customers to find their on unique and creative spirit in their eyewear and flaunt it.