Dilem is an unusual and delightful eyewear product out of France. The Dilem frames have temples that can be interchanged. When you consider people that wear progressive lenses with very expensive optics spend quite a bit on the lens science and it is difficult to afford a new look without spending a lot on new lenses in a second pair. With Dilem frames you get two completely different temple sets with your purchase. This gives you the choice to change out the temples and create an affordable wardrobe of looks with multiple temple sets combined with only one set of lenses in the frame front. You can always purchase more temples to add to your wardrobe since Dilem created a temple system where you can alter the temples to change colors, sizes and shapes. This interchangeable eyeglass temple allows a customer to find a frame front that they love but then mix it up with the wide array of looks to match seasons, occasions, or clothing. There are over 300 different temple designs and the list is always growing!