Lindberg is a drill mount company, which means that the lenses are suspended by a little bridge between two temples and are incredibly light, comfortable and noninvasive. Lindberg is a Danish company and they are all about creating a product that is designed to be engineered as well as humanly possible. The way they suspend and mount this product into their lenses is fantastic because it’s done with titanium applied with pressure and they use a kind of an epoxy to finish the job so that there are no screws to back out. Lindberg eyeglasses are incredibly light and like most ultra lightweight titanium products they may feel fragile to some; however, they are some of the most durable frames out there. Most Lindberg frames do not have any frame material around the lenses to make an impact, so the designs are for that person who wants to find eyewear that is very subtle, nearly invisible, and super light. The Lindberg frame is a design that will not overwhelm the face and allows the natural colors of the eyes to shine without distraction. On the other hand, the Lindberg team have found ways to make the frames have a younger vibe by creating the temples which incorporate more color, texture, and artistic treatments which give the styles much more fashionable appeal than ordinary rimless designs that are so common and familiar.