Morel frames represent the artistic spirit of France with a Scandinavian spirit: masculine design and functionality. An uncompromising, discerning style, where the comfort of the frames in no way detracts from the originality of the design. Morel’s wooden frame designs, the brand inspired by Scandinavian design concepts has combined the lightness of titanium and the refinement of wood worked with cabinet-making expertise. The flex concept integrated into the titanium has been patented. In this model, the endpiece contains the technological centerpiece of the frame. Morel’s LIGHTEC frames are made from stainless steel and designed without screws. Fitted with an exclusive screwless and springless hinge (ALPHA and OMEGA), their pure design is all about extreme comfort and outstanding robustness. The stainless steel used for the metal parts makes the whole assembly highly flexible while remaining tough and fully corrosion resistant.