We all know Ray Ban Sunglasses. These frames are an American institution. Ray Ban is the Levi’s of the eyewear industry such that it's is part of American history. These are the frames that MacArthur all the way to Hunter S. Thompson have worn that make Ray Ban truly part of our American past time. Style wise it is the least expensive with the most impact. Most of the styles that Ray-Ban incorporate in their collection are still being mimicked and knocked off by higher end companies, but with an average price range of $110 to $190 they appeal to young and older crowds alike.

Ray Ban Sunglasses were originally created by Bausch & Lomb for an Army Lieutenant who wanted to keep the sun's glare out of his eyes in the 1930’s. Bausch & Lomb took note and patented their anti glare glasses. Soon the United States Army Air Corps adopted these sunglasses and took on the Aviator name. Now, Aviators have become a style all on its own, thanks to this institution. Ray Ban exploded into the lives of Americans and their every day culture, and today is one of the most recognized brands of sunglasses available.